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Sharecat Solutions

Sharecat is a company who incorporates the SHAREcat software with technical information and data specialist services for the oil & gas industry. The company was founded in 1993, and over the years, more than 30 major oil & gas owner/operators have used our solutions globally. The head office is located in Bergen, @ Midtunhaugen 10.

Products and Services

Continuous adaptation and innovation is our priority, leading us to now be able to expand our products and solutions to multiple industries. Sharing and collaboration are at the heart of the SHAREcat concept. The SHAREcat software supports multiple use cases from projects and operation to material and inventory management. The SHAREcat technology offers solutions such as Document and Tag management, RDL and Class management, Workflow management, Material management, paired with services such as management consultancy, cataloguing of materials and spare parts, and data- and material master improvements/cleansing.

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Sharecat Solutions is registered in the following categorie(s)

  • Support Services
    • Consultancy
    • Logistics, Transportation, Supply base and Handling
    • Other Support Services, Rental, Office equipment etc.
    • Risk management, Third party evaluation, Calibration, Testing and Qualification
    • Manufactures and Equipment providers
      • Engineering and Construction services
      • Subsea Components and Sub-system Suppliers
      • Subsea Integrator and System Suppliers
    • Oil and gas exploration and field development
      • Exploration, Production and Field Development
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