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Birdview AS

Innovative drone-solutions Fishing vessels, fish farming and offshore with connections to sub-sea

Products and Services

Supplier and operator of drones and solutions

References, history, global presence etc.

Birdview AS is registered in the following categorie(s)

  • Support Services
    • Consultancy
    • Manufactures and Equipment providers
      • Controls and Measurements (Instrumentation, Communication, Automation, Software etc.)
      • Environmental Equipment/Products and Services
      • Equipment and Tooling for Marine Operations (ROV, lifting equipment, tools, etc.)
      • Power and Signal distribution (connectors, cables etc.)
      • Subsea Components and Sub-system Suppliers
      • Subsea Integrator and System Suppliers
      • Subsea Processing Equipment
    • Marine Operations / Service
      • Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR)
      • Marine Operations (Installations, Remote Intervention, Survey, Dredging etc.)
    • Material and Chemicals
      • Chemicals, Fluids, Gas etc.
      • Industrial consumables, other
      • Non-Metal Materials (Plastics, composites, etc.)
      • Steel and Metal Materials
    • Oil and gas exploration and field development
      • Exploration, Production and Field Development
      • Seismic and Geophysical services
    • Public organisation, education and R&D Institute
      • R&D Institute
      • Universities & Education
  • Address: Ileveien 7D
  • Phone: + 91518600
  • Email:
  • Visiting address: Statsminister Michelsens Veg 38
  • 2 employees
  • GCE Subsea member
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