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Aqwator AS

Aqwator’s business is research, development and delivery of technologies and solutions for offshore wave power generation. Our customers are power companies and their technology- and solution providers.

Products and Services

Our patented concept AQWATOR involves establishing a carpet-like structure on the ocean surface consisting of a set of pontoons which together constitute a power module. This carpet-shaped structure will dampen the waves and convert the energy mechanically by relative movement in a vertical plane between the pontoon units. The pontoons are mechanically interconnected so that each pontoon have individual freedom of movement in the vertical plane, but fixed mutually positioned in the horizontal plane. The mechanical energy is converted to electric energy via electro-hydraulic generator units integrated into the pontoons. Grid connection are done via submarine cables. An AQWATOR wave power park may consist of several power modules that are installed in series parallel to the coastline. In this way, one can utilize a wide variety of incoming waves and thus achieve a significant energy production. The power modules are fixed to the seabed via mooring buoys in such a way that the tidal variations do not affect the operation of the power plant. The power modules are designed so that it automatically goes under the ocean surface in passive mode by extreme weather and wave conditions. Adjacent to the wave power park region-based service facilities are based in the coastal zone with workshop facilities specially designed for the purpose.

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