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Ocean Team Scandinavia

Ocean Team Scandinavia as - your international partner within Total Purity Solutions 80% of All Fluid System Failures are Caused by Contamination Thorough cleaning brings new strength to your systems. The results are higher system efficiency, longer life time on system components and reduced risks of breakdowns. Ocean Team are specialists in efficient removal of all types of damaging particles and deposits in systems like turbines, boilers, compressors, heat exchangers, hydraulic- and lube oil systems. Innovative and Customised Solutions: Thanks to our many years of experience and extended know-how, we are experts in developing innovative and customised solutions, which solve the unique challenge of the individual customer. Ocean Team also have several patents, for their customized solutions, one of them are a perfect fit for the subsea systems. An Innovative Revolution for the SUBSEA Systems: Ocean Team has developed a patented method to clean systems consisting of pipes with small inner diameters (below a quarter inch) and huge lengths (more than 15.000 metres). Conventional flushing is a well-known method to clean to the inside of systems, and a turbulent flushing flow is mandatory for cleaning effectively. A challenge, when using conventional flushing fluid in systems like umbilicals and control lines, is the ability to keep a turbulent flow all the way through. It basically requires a pressure drop of more than 30.000 PSI (1/4" OD, 6.500 m). This kind of pressure drop exceeds the maximum test operational pressure, which most pipe systems are designed to withstand. The Solution is Supercritical & Liquid CO2 Flushing: Supercritical CO2 has the same carrying capacity as oil, but the viscosity is 10 x lower than water. By using CO2 in a supercritical state, it becomes possible to create a turbulent flow with a pressure drop less than 2.500 PSI along the pipe (1/4" OD, 6.500 m). Besides, the possibility of creating a turbulent flow, results show us that the use of supercritical CO2, also has the advantage of dissolving wax and grease from the inside of the pipes. Meaning, the method secures a much higher level of cleanliness, giving it a greater operational reliability compared to existing cleaning methods. Advantages • Higher cleanliness & greater operational reliability of the system • Method, friendly to the environment • Simple, flexible and easy-to-operate equipment, that can clean the control-lines/umbilicals in 1/3 of the time that the conventional way takes. This new method of cleaning the subsea systems, opens new possibilities, that previously were not possible. It extends the lifetime of the subsea systems, makes the systems more reliable, and makes them more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, they will be more safe since the safety valve currently operate to slow, with the contamination that is in the systems. So with this new innovation, we can not only save the oil companies a lot of money, but we can hopefully also prevent a new disaster, like the one in the mexican gulf, were 8 safety valves operated to slow.

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Although, we offer a wide variety of products and services, it is important to recognize, that cleanliness in systems is not just about product and service; it is a way of thinking. Whether you have the responsibility of maintaining an existing system, or building a new maintenance system, contact Ocean Team. We will identify the best and most efficient cleaning methods for your specific system. This ensure you a quick and safe way to a clean system. It is saving you both time and money, due to higher efficiency, longer lifetime, and reduce the risk of a system breakdown. This is especially important when talking about the Subsea systems, here Ocean Team Scandinavia, has a global patent and are the first and only ones i the world, capable of flushing long narrow pipes, like Control-Lines/Umbilicals that exceed several kilometers, and still maintain a turbulent flow, with very low pressure drop. If you can’t find the products and services of your need, please remember that we are experts in developing new customized solutions to meet your demands. You can always rely on Ocean Team as being the perfect cleaning partner. Our goal is “Total Purity” and by choosing Ocean Team, you are provided an all-round solution; giving you “Total Purity” within your components and system. You will benefit from the best, well-proven technology, vast experience and knowhow, customer based solutions, flexibility, and reliability. Avoid heavy financial losses by reducing the risk of breakdowns and unexpected shutdowns. Make your system run at maximum efficiency and reduce the wear on components. Give your system a longer life with less maintenance. Areas of Business • Oil Care – flushing, filtration and oil analysis/ contamination monitoring program. Subsea system & Umbilical/Control-Line Supercritical/Liquid CO2 flushing. • Chemical Cleaning – descaling and removal of organic and inorganic deposits. • Mechanical Services – e.g. ultrasonic cleaning, high-pressure hydro jetting, hydrostatic pressure testing and hydraulic bolt tensioning services. • Customised purification systems – development, design and construction of equipment in accordance with your unique requirements.

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