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Columbia Tecnologia em Petróleo e Serviços Ltda

Columbia Technologies is a market leader in sand control components used in oil extraction reservoirs as well as all other components needed during the extraction, storage and treatment of oil. Our finest examples of such components is the Laser Cut Slotted Liner, Thermal Insulator Columns (used in steam injection operations and for thermal insulation purposes in offshore NGS injection – Nitrogen Generator System), Early Production Risers (EPR), as well as Elastomeric Clamps.

Columbia Tecnologia em Petróleo e Serviços Ltda is registered in the following categorie(s)

  • Manufactures and Equipment providers
    • Engineering and Construction services
    • Fabrication/Manufacturers (Machining, Welding, Surface treatment, Insulation etc.)
    • Risers and Flow lines
    • Subsea Structures
    • Umbilical
  • Material and Chemicals
    • Non-Metal Materials (Plastics, composites, etc.)
    • Steel and Metal Materials
  • Oil and gas exploration and field development
    • Drilling Equipment, Well Services and Intervention
    • Exploration, Production and Field Development
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