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Boa Praça Importadora e Exportadora Ltda

A Boa Praça Importer and Exporter is the most traditional ship supplier company of Espirito Santo, founded in the 50´s and actuating as general ship-chandler since the 60´s. In this last half century of operation, the company saved an enormous credibility patrimony with its thousands of national and international costumers, always provided first quality products and services. To reach this patrimony along the time, Boa Praça had built a structure that includes planned installations, suitable technology, experienced staff and informatics’ logistics that allows 24-hour-service all the year. If previously it was already included in the group of respected companies in and out of Brazil that situation did not change after it joined a new economic group which is inserted Vitopar and Controler. The first one is specialized in mechanical supply and the second is a prominence in abrasive and security sectors. They were already supplying Boa Praça before and the joining had increased after the integration of the three companies. That was an union which summed up a past of 50 years and important new changes: new supervisors, modern ideas, high technology, constant training etc. Those are factors that offer solid perspectives for the future.

Boa Praça Importadora e Exportadora Ltda is registered in the following categorie(s)

  • Support Services
    • Other Support Services, Rental, Office equipment etc.
    • Manufactures and Equipment providers
      • Equipment and Tooling for Marine Operations (ROV, lifting equipment, tools, etc.)
    • Material and Chemicals
      • Chemicals, Fluids, Gas etc.
      • Industrial consumables, other
      • Non-Metal Materials (Plastics, composites, etc.)
      • Steel and Metal Materials
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