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Winding Technology AS

Subsea Pressure Housing. Windtec manufactures a large variety of Cylindrical Composite Instrument Housings, rated for depths ranging to 4000 meters and beyond. They can be constructed of Carbonfibre, Glassfibre or Hybrid Composites, and are available in a variety of standard and custom diameters and lengths. Most housings are custom designed and tested to meet specific customer requirements. Beside Pressure Housings, we produce: Shafts, Frames, Tubes, Cover, Buoyancy

Products and Services

Subsea Hydraulic Cylinders. External Pressure Housing. Buoyancy. Frames.

Winding Technology AS is registered in the following categorie(s)

  • Manufactures and Equipment providers
    • Engineering and Construction services
    • Equipment and Tooling for Marine Operations (ROV, lifting equipment, tools, etc.)
    • Fabrication/Manufacturers (Machining, Welding, Surface treatment, Insulation etc.)
    • Hydraulic Systems and Components
    • Subsea Components and Sub-system Suppliers
  • Material and Chemicals
    • Non-Metal Materials (Plastics, composites, etc.)
  • Address: Raffelneset 12.
  • Phone: + 41460382
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  • Visiting address: Raffelneset 12.
  • Færre enn 10 employees
  • GCE Subsea member
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