About Subsea Index

Subsea Index is a bi-lingual matchmaking tool in English and Portuguese. The intent of the database is to create business opportunities by providing accessible and searchable high quality, business relevant data about companies and organizations related to the subsea industry. 

Subsea Index is open for registration of companies and organizations delivering products and services in the world wide subsea industry. Use the database to find your partner in business, R&D, education and training. 

Registration in the Subsea Index is free of charge. You will be requested to update your profile annually.


The Subsea Index is owned and operated by GCE Subsea. GCE Subsea contributes to the strengthening and internationalization of the Norwegian subsea industry. 

GCE Subsea constitutes a world leading cluster within subsea technology and was awarded status as Global Centre of Expertise (GCE), within subsea technology in 2016. GCE is a national program supported by Innovation Norway, the Research Council of Norway and the Industrial Development Corporation of Norway. 

The origin of Subsea Index is Underwater Technology Network, a database developed by Underwater Technology Foundation, an organisation with the intent of promoting the level of learning and knowledge within underwater technology and related subjects. 

Go to www.gcesubsea.no and www.utf.no for more information.



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GCE Subsea
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