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Innovation Norway

Two of the most relevant funding possibilities for R&D projects within Innovation Norway are:

  • IFU – Industrial research and development contract
  • SkatteFUNN

More information about all funding and financing possibilities within Innovation Norway


Research Council of Norway (RCN):

List over selected funding possibilities for R&D project:

  • BIA – User-driven Research based Innovation
  • CLIMIT - The Norwegian RD&D CCS program
  • DEMO 2000
  • ENERGIX - Large-scale program for energy research
  • GASSMAKS - Maximizing Value Creation in the Natural Gas Chain
  • HAVKYST - The Oceans and Coastal Areas
  • MAROFF - Maritime activities and offshore operations
  • MILJO2015 - Norwegian environmental research towards 2015
  • PETROMAKS 2 - Large-scale Program for Petroleum Research
  • RFF – Regional research funds in Norway

PETROMAKS 2 and DEMO 2000 are the most relevant for the subsea industry.

List of all active calls from the Research Council of Norway.



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